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What we do?

Our services are oriented to the development or updating a web application, website, mobile apps (iOS and Android).

We understand our customers have tons of great idea but where to start can sometimes be difficult. We will meet in person and help gather and process everything needed for the project.

We offer solutions for website and app development. We can take an existing website or app and update it.

  • We promise to deliver
  • Beautiful Apps
  • Punctual Results
  • Productive Focus
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized for Performance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost Efficient

Our service process


Customer Interview


We begin collecting ideas from the customer, such as requirements, project evaluation in general, the main purpose, preparation of various proposals for the presented budget and expected solution.


Collecting data and code


Once the customer has invested 50% in the project we will begin collecting necessary documents, images and contents. From there we will be able to provide project plans and dates of competition.


Final Touches and Going Live


In this step, we begin testing the final product and ensure everything is working flawlessly. Than we present it to the customer, once approved and the final payment has been received the product will be delivered.

Our Services

Web Applications

Tools development or web based systems, installed locally or in the cloud. This apps are designed or redesigned.


Your business is ready for the Internet. Fully functional with the ability to place orders, buy, cancel, accept payment.

Web Services

Services for data information request through REST API, with secure SSL connection and API KEY.

Live broadcast media

Perfect for TV channels, radio, live events, videos or (movies), music, etc. The Best quality and stability.

Mobile Apps

Native or HTML5 development, implementation with Google Play and the App Store.


Service capacity 25GB or higher per account. Using it's own corporate


SSD disk storage, Data redundancy, backup, FTP, VPS, 8-Core Processors, 16GB RAM. (Basic)

Web Pages

Both corporate and personal design development. For websites and ready for mulit-platforms.


Maintenance services for web pages, servers, (URL) routing troubleshooting, anti-virus updates.

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